Friday, January 4, 2013

Fuyoh Art Market

Last Fuyoh art market in 2012
I didn't took much photo this time. You can't see me there.
Due not enough hand. That's why I looking for volunteer who keen to help. May be next Fuyoh. Publicity needed to public.

Picture below show you some of the handmade item.
Even the box, make by them self. T-shirt hand painting.
When you come to Publika for Fuyoh, actually there are two part.
One is inside the hall. Other one is at the outside. Some how many people don't know there are more vendor at outside Art Row.

Publika is different with others place. It's surrounding by art.
More and more shop opening now. All related to art.
Fashion shop look artistic. Grocery look artistic. And much more coming.


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