Monday, January 7, 2013

Reach Out Interview

Reach Out, is a free magazine. Publish by IOI Group. Deliver in Puchong area mostly.
It's been 1 year an a half, then my story publish in Reach Out.
Yeah, really slow. What to do. Some content outdated already.
Anyway, thanks Reach Out. Who willing interview me. Appreciate. View bigger size here.

So far the Red Tomato interview is the best description of mine.
Some how Malaysia media really selective topic in interview.
They rather interview some one who are related to the topic.
Or some one who have any relationship from inside people of the media.

Media need some one who can get more exposure and attractive to the audience.
And bring the benefit to the media. Not because you are talented or unique.
Because media need people to buy and follow. Even some TV station do like that.
They need audience open TV and follow up the program.

No matter what, I encourage people think wise.


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