Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cocktail Party II

Additional caricature drawing for Mr. Pascal.
Great working with western client. He managed come to my studio as well.
Collect all the caricature drawing with smiling face.

Drawing from the picture not easy than live drawing.
The picture is flat. That's why different angle of face needed.
You have my Chinese chop. Valuable.
You have my envelope as well. Do visit my blog and facebook as well from there.
To know more about caricature. The caricature Malaysia.
We all always keep trend in fashion. Why not in art? Why not caricature?

What you see here may not believe. Everything start from 0. But one thing you can believe I'm real. I'm not like sales person good in talk. But I'm good in mind sharing. One of the reason caricature class open now. I don't want you learn to follow. I want you learn to build up your confidence. Understanding yourself through caricature class.


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