Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Screen Protector Accessories

Should I get the screen protector. Yeah. No one can tell you what should use. Or should I buy. Then, only use money to buy an experience. I'm going to having digital drawing class, would you take a chance to learn?

Screen protector must have for me. To protect the table screen. Especially in drawing. You don't know what will happen. Scratch. Damage. And others. That's why digital caricature so expensive than normal caricatures. Urge organizer, choosing well live digital caricature artist to your client. Do not attempt to look for cheap margin to get big profit. Not going to happen. In this mobile network century. Everything can get easily online.

懂得利用,懂得发挥,活学活用,科技时代,逃不了。难怪西方国家,多数live digital caricature了。除了是发达国家,也是懂得爱护artist的国家。

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