Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Caricature for Fossil, The Gardens Mid Valley

Fossil is luxury branding. Especially in The Gardens Mid Valley. Thank you having me for your promotion event. Great experience for me to work with you.

3 chair and easel stand, that's it the place I took. Everything set up at the front window of the shop. Wonderful experience. Life drawing + life promoting Fossil on spot. People walk through can easily look from outside. Quite fun. Special moment for your branding and customer too.
Not much photo can share here. Due some reason. But this is real. And happened in Fossil, The Gardens Mid Valley.

很庆幸品牌公司聘请我。谢谢你们。没有当初,没有现在。没有设定稳当宣传管道,也就没有Triton Lim Artist。现在时代,淘汰的东西很快也很多。维护彼此感情,也跟着社会转变。时时提醒自己,记住原来的自己。

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