Saturday, May 16, 2015

Indian Wedding Dinner Caricature Entertain

Thank you Shanu & Manoj for having me in your wedding. My first time ever live caricature in Indian Wedding Dinner. Great & wonderful for me. Congratulations Shanu & Manoj here. Wonderful wedding you have.

Another great exposure to Indian race. Good experience. I believe nowadays new married couple intend to have a simple western wedding dinner style. No longer sit on 1 round table.
Beside photograph, what do you think having live caricature in your wedding dinner is a special moment for you? The laughing scenes. Friend laughing in front of you. While the guests pretend nothing. Me also can't hold the laugh sometimes. Artistic art piece of caricature to everyone who like to be drawn. Humor, fun & unforgettable moment.

感谢Shanu & Manoj印度新人。在此为您贵宾带来不少笑容欢笑声。希望慢慢马来同胞能接受华裔caricaturist,为你办个不一样的live caricature wedding entertain。

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