Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pilot Parallel Malaysia

Pilot Parallel available on Online Store here. What special about these pen, only you know it until you use it on hand.

Through so many decade, I finally got Parallel Pen. How powerful is it. It's look flat on nib. But, it can transform to many style you can.
"People always said I can't draw." But I don't believe you can't write. Writing can be fun too. Don't put your mind in a little box. Explore the world out there. Something you don't know. Something new you should always keep learning.

哈哈,千辛万苦,终于拥有了parallel pen。别拿自己岁月来开玩笑。趁有机会可以找到,赶紧拥有。不然又消失。写字有写字的乐趣。别被不会画而所困扰。

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