Friday, May 29, 2015

ISCA Singapore Minicon

ISCA stand for International Society of Caricature Artists. And this is mini convention happening in Singapore. Which caricaturist from different countries come gather and learn from master caricaturist.

Since my career started until today, I haven't got a chance to fly to Western country to learn into a big group of ISCA. Luckily ISCA Minicon held in Singapore. Travel expenses, daily expenses, hostel expenses still can cover with own budget. I take this chance to explore, what happen & what do caricaturist have in theirs own countries.

Catch out more latest news in FB page for these few days.

机会难遇。机会到来时,就计划好,捉准好时机。相信这几天,会有不一样的收获。有关当场的最新个人动态消息,请多多留意FB page。

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