Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Caricature Invitation Card

Have you ever try something different in your wedding?

Yes. Wedding Caricature Invitation Card. Something unique something special for your wedding. A decade we use normal wedding card, high premium paper card, a nice envelope, why we try to break it the traditional. Make it something more interesting more fun for your wedding?
When you send the invitation card to your friends. It's must be SUPER funny/laughing for them. It's big surprise when they see your caricature in front of the cover. You can keep the photo and the cover of the invitation card as memorial item as well. What a wonderful idea, right?

Do not hesitate try to contact me about this wedding entertain for you. Once in your life. Must be special must be fun must be give something well to your friends and family relatives.



  1. Frankly..this is one of the good quality wedding card. What you pay and what you get. The best handmade wedding card is chosen by wedding planner and match with beautiful designer gown
    with sweet memorable Bridal Photography Malaysia

    1. Thank you Eunice. You could provide me your identity, if you don't mind.


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