Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gift Caricature for International School Director

Thanks Yvonne. Thanks Yvonne look for me caricature drawing for your School and your Directors.

I like the Baju Kebaya Nyonya. The pattern look sweet. After I studied some of while. Mix with others element to draw the nice dress of Baju Kebaya Nyonya. And the background, KLCC Twins Tower, spend a lot of time. Eye seeing look easy, but there are a level by a level for draw the tower.
Each time drawing gift caricature I learn something new. Especially how to handle those difficulties question and nonsense inquiries. Why western/foreigner people can accept caricature well. Why not Malaysian local people? First, do you understand what is "Caricature"? Have your read my FAQ?

Actually drawing caricature is one of my part in my life. Drawing caricature for living. Drawing caricature to earn money. The progress should be fun. But come to those certain people try to knock you down, you got to strong. This is real happen in ours society. Strong and stand wise meanwhile keep yourself draw in free of mind. Don't let those negative energy influence you.


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