Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Royal Client Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day

My first time ever done this. Why? errmmmm..... I know I just a non-body corporate business guy here. I do this just a sign of appreciation for those who hired me in theirs events. Those client I never met before, hired me and love my live caricature entertain as well. Beside saying thank you, I prompt up an idea, handmade appreciation gift. To saying thank you from my behalf. "Thank you".

Without Them Without Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia

People love what you did. People love what you did for the entire event. People love what you react to current event market need. Without you, I can't be here and running high tech tools in your events.

From sketching the gift here, until coloring the calligraphy. Step by step, photo stick on the artwork. And get it framed. Look easy. But when get on hand, wow, it took several hours. Can't imagine, right? I never expect what is the feedback from client, when they received parcel. I just do what I felt right. I like to say "Thank you" again (If you reading my post here often).



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