Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2015 & 2016 Review

It's been a tough year for me. So much thing didn't finish. So much plan haven't done so. What I really missed is, 2015 Year Review I didn't give it write and post on blog. Oh my... So I decide write my 2015 & 2016 review in one here.

Since 2015 ipad brought in, I been frustrated with the new technology. Everything got to study by myself. Asking product info from Apple retail shop, no one know. Then in 2016, I'm been busy with official website, how to build, what should build, everything take a lot of time. It's totally out of my control. I did sad. "Anyway, in generally..."

I'm feel satisfy:

  1. live digital been brought in with new technology & improved again
  2. calligraphy been put a lot of effort
  3. stamping technique catching up
  4. shirt painting technique catching up
  5. giving back appreciation for royal client starting up
  6. skill in live caricature black & white totally improved
  7. official website done
  8. work for healthy way, which didn't giving cheap for get a job out there, NO WAY!!!
  9. video in youtube channel increased
  10. instagram content improved
  11. run facebook advertising campaign

I'm feel sorry:

  • blogspot haven't much udpate
  • social app too much to take care
  • time spent on web host and web developer
  • stage painting haven't really start
  • skin painting haven't really confirm
  • own product for sell haven't really confirm
  • teaching haven't really start

Expectation of myself:

  1. master stage painting
  2. master fabric painting
  3. master stamping technique
  4. having product for sell
  5. caricature education to public

**I think so far is all above, I do hope if any readers/followers here, if you felt that you want to say something to me, please write in here. Thanks from Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

2015 & 2016的综合回顾录


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