Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wedding Gift for hers Cousin

Another piece of water coloring for wedding gift.
Thanks for having me. Choosing me for your lovely wedding gift to your cousin's wedding.
I personal love it so much. I rather keep it myself. Or I rather buy it from you.
Yes. It is. Masterpiece. Now is with you. My last piece water color art work is here.

I love hand painting. More than using digital coloring.
Because it's feel real. More texture you can feel.
More excited. Only one masterpiece. Priceless.
I love bride's gown and wedding headband so much.

During the progress, sure must be very careful. Dropping a brush.
Brush with color. Every step have to be clean and caution.
Not easy return/revise as Digital Computer, once coloring get start painted.
Hope this artwork will bring happiness forever to your cousin during the wedding ROM.
Nature pine wood frame + artwork = perfect. I love it so much.


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