Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Gift for Port Dickson Couple

Thanks Roy having me. Thanks for the couple having me.
Another piece of mine artwork fly to other places. Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
With the caricature I present. Wish you have a wonderful wedding.

Sketching is the important part.
As long you provide me the pictures I need. I available to know each person figure very much.
Front. Side. Full body photo. Sharp. Clear. No touch up photo.
May be you will felt annoying. Why this artist need so much photo?
Yeap, may be this is annoying. But this is how I recognize one person figure.
Remember, the person you know. Far better than me 100%.
Photos needed to sketch a better caricature for you.

*Special bride dress design for hers. Long gown. With few layers.
Blue high heels. Different than ordinary.

And this is the time to make revolution.
No more signature on book. Lets signature on this wedding signature board.
At the end, artwork hang on the wall. Viewing the artwork and guests signature at the same time.
More wonderful. More memorable. Than ordinary signature on the book.


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