Friday, June 14, 2013

Live Caricatures MINI Paceman Bangsar Malaysia

Thanks MINI Malaysia having me.
First time drawing in vehicle company Malaysia.
This is MINI Paceman car lauching event.

Cars here is really expensive.
Buyers all upper level, who afford to own it. Can't imagine what they life is.
MINI staff here different. The way they work different.
Here showing you the making of MINI paper template for the day.

I hope this will tell you a story.
Different cars different prices. Different specifications as well too.
Same thing happen to caricaturist.
When you planning hiring/booking a caricaturist. Choose wisely.
Not just compare price/charges only among the caricaturist.
You have to understand the levels/tools/satisfaction/profession each caricaturist.
This is what you choose. Choose wisely.
This is what I always emphasize in my FAQ page.


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