Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Love Older Women! 我爱熟女

Author and artist of comic "Loving Older Women(爱上熟女)", that's me, Triton Lim.
And "玉飞(Younger Man)" having picture with me too....
"Just joking......hahaha!!"

My comic been published almost 2 years, in China Press paper.
Being go through a lot too...
If you haven't read my comic yet, go and grab one on Sunday paper.

This is my original sketching and inking comic.
Dialog by me. Coloring by me too.
If you really want to be comic artist, you got to have good story script.
Good illustration with your own style.
*And if you truly loving a women older than you, go a head. Because this Love, is between she and you.

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