Friday, December 23, 2011

Dragon Artwork Prints, by Triton Lim

These are the artwork draw by Triton Lim. Plus 2012 is Dragon Year. So this will be nice to grab one favorite Dragon home.

You can purchase through my Triton Lim Etsy shop here.
Any thing, can contact via email.
Picture below show you how I progress. I have some Dragon model for reference. This give me more imagination about how Dragon look like.

Some of my Dragon artwork. Dragon Tattoo Master. Dragon Football Match. Dragon (Qilin)...
Are you get ready to purchase?
Grab one home. Frame it. And hang it on the wall.

**Actually in overseas, a lot of artist doing online selling their own artwork prints. So far Malaysia not many artist doing this. I hope what I'm doing, can inspire more local talent artist to stand out and make it work.

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