Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kids Birthday Party Bandar Sri Damansara

Thank you Denise & Vincent having me in your kid birthday party. It was wonderful memory for caricature drawing to yours guests. Beside having birthday party at restaurant, residential place also a good place to have a party.

Simple set up. Simple food. Simple music. Clean and nice place. Small birthday party. Awesome. Those kids & parents always make my heart melt. So grateful be yours caricaturist.
Having clown, photographer, is every body does. But having caricature drawing on live, is totally special moment for your guests. Having artistic gift bring back to frame.

感谢Denise & Vincent选择了Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim,作为你们的caricaturist。也祝福你们生活愉快。短暂的时光,留住了难忘的回忆。谢谢你们。

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