Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catch Henry Lee Live in Times Bookstores

It's honor can meet up with Taiwan Stone Artist, Henry.
Live in Times Bookstores Pavilion KL. Thanks Times for giving me RSVP too.
I knew this cat, dog, animals paint on stone. But didn't know who is the master.
Finally, It's really great moment. Yeah...and get a signature from Henry too.

Why Triton going to meet those artist?
Why not. You must go out and meet those talent master artist.
Try to learn, try to know what a person pass through theirs life.
Art is a part of life. That's why me got to step outside. Know something fresh.
Be yourself. Not be an artist yourself. Art is all about you.

You know what? I met a few people here where I'm in live caricature birthday party at Full House last year and pet project this year. Thanks god. They remember me. While I'm almost can't remember them...haha..

Here is a little bit background of Henry:
Founded in 2005, Henry Cats & Friends™ (HCF) is an original brand presented by Henry Design & Associates (HDA). The brand takes its inspiration from the ingenious artist Henry Lee and his enchanting creation—the hand-painted Artstone Cats (Henry Cats). In 2000, Henry accidentally created the unique hand-painted art piece in his desire to present a heartfelt gift to his foreign friend. After years of hard and painstaking work, the artist finally mastered the knack of painting images on stones to a perfect blend of aesthetic creation and versed handicraft technique...

庆幸透过Times Bookstores知道有这样的活动,让小小的大马人民对艺术有一定的改观与认识。

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  1. Thanks Triton to attend the event and make the event such a successful. Also, thanks for the coverage in the blog as well. Hope will get more people to more about the Henry Cats & Friends that created by the Taiwan artist Henry Lee. :)



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