Monday, May 16, 2011

KL Wedding Expo 2011, KLCC

Thanks HareNet for your kind to accept caricature in wedding.
Caricature actually is very famous and command in oversea, even Singapore.
Malaysia art culture slow behind.

I rent a booth, 2 days in KL Wedding Expo, KLCC, running well.
A lot of people first time seeing this in wedding expo.
If I have enough financial support, sure can do more better.
With the nice display booth, brochure, bunting and such.
As you know, I'm an independent full time caricaturist here.
So everything have to spend with my own budget.

The picture above actually used for wedding guests signature purpose.
After guests sign, all the signature with caricature art work hand on the wall.
Instead keep it somewhere else while using guest signature book. Right?
As I said, this is command in oversea.
I don't know why Malaysian are slow behind in art culture.
But in fashion, a lot people know how to keep in trend...

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  1. ya. continue with your good job and always believe in yourself. by the way, have you contacted my boss Ms Yoko?? She is waiting for your call ya. ^^


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