Friday, June 10, 2011

No Deposit No Deal

Always remember, always caution for each job you taken out there.
Especially for artist/freshly artist/freelancer artist. Always say no to the client/customer if no deposit for each job taken/confirmed. This is ensure you have a basic or minimum finance security. We do need money for survived. We work with ours ideas, talents, time, technique and particular things which client don't ever know. 100% sure we independent artist need a minimum money secure before started a job.

Below is a commission job with a local art magazine publisher. Work until late, work until tied, client feedback with an email wrote:
"I saw the caricature and it doesn't look like me…sorry"

You know what I worried about at that time? Money. I couldn't ask for any deposit or money from this publisher. Second worried about is, I'm scared my artwork will secretly used by the publisher without pay any fees.

**(Process show you how to sketch a client face to the end. Different angle faces help me a lot in drawing caricature.)

I'm just an independent artist. You are million billion rich guy out there. Why take advantage on me! All my hard work, my time, my spirit and my idea dedicated to this commissioned work, had been cheated. Been fooled. Even 1 Ringgit Malaysia I couldn't get from the publisher! I'm too easy trusted people. Next time no matter what kind of commission jobs, or services for live caricature events. All's must pay a deposit before started a job. Full amount pay are welcome. This is to ensure ours artist profit protected.


  1. Dear Triton,

    This is not an uncommon problem. Many clients do this to people who produce creative content. we have encountered several ourselves.

    Next time, ask for 30 per cent first before doing the sketch.

    Btw, I work in Salt Media Group and I am looking for a caricaturist -- do contact me at


  2. Wah, you got no contract signed? Yeap, in terms of business, need black and white lah, dont get con. You have FB right. Published there!

  3. to ask them to pay full is pretty impossible though, why not talk on the stage payment. like how many percent of payment on how many percent of work done?? or half before start the job and the balance half after the job


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