Friday, February 22, 2013

Gift Caricature Scooter

Special gift for hers boyfriend. How sweet is she.
She manage find me from the Reach Out Magazine in hers office. How surprise, the magazine print in around 15,000 copies. Only 1 person contact me. Hahaha...

You can see my wall is different compare with previous. Yeah, a bit changing. DIY make it more attractive. About the caricature, she love scooter motor with hers boyfriend. So I try to mix with classic and modern scooter motor design. Make it feel special. Riding scooter and fly over the nature.

Do you know that, Jimmy Choo having new suits every year to bring good fortune in his life. For me, everyone should have one caricature each year to bring good fortune good luck in your life too. Sound nice, right.

这是珍藏品。价值万分。 虽然大马艺术文化低迷,只要大家播出一点点关心,就可以提高大马艺术风气了。 一人一个caricature,就如每年换上新衣裳。为自己带来好运头。

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