Monday, July 18, 2011

Caricaturist Malaysia, Triton Lim on Youtube

Thx BFM again. I'm grate to show you all what it's call caricatures.

I'm kind a nervous for 1st time recording...
Uncomfortable my face in front camera. Funny my face...
I want to laugh either after watch this video.

Step by step, moving forward.

If you love caricature, go & share my original video interview here to ur friends.
Let the caricature culture in Malaysia be different. Be a standard.
U can go for good beauty looking hair cut at high standard hair salon.
U can buy ur trendy fashion at high standard fashion shop.
U can target ur products to high-end classes people.

I can either make my caricature career more professional & more high standard.
Do you believe this day will come?
Let c wat Caricature Artist Malaysia have.

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