Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Fest, Mines

My first time live caricature at the Mines Book Fair, 2010 Nov 19 - Dec 28.
Every thing fresh for me. Rent a booth. Come in on time. Stand by in booth whole day. Whole week. Decorate. PC caricature demo. Drawing caricature when people interested. Photos below showing some of the situation on that day. Sure nervous and scare, first time drawing people in open space. First time drawing people in caricature. Although my skill still raw. Don't forget view my latest post, "Accept & Admit Who You Are" here.

Famous person came here for support too. Former 988 DJ Jiama, HK actress Rose Chan, Facebook friends, friend of friends and some other else. Thanks you all of you here.

首次在Mines书香现,场画夸张肖像画。 有迦玛到访、香港演员Rose Chan、Facebook朋友、朋友的朋友、及其他。感激不已。

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