Monday, November 19, 2012

Live Caricatures ROM Wedding Puchong

Congratulation to this lovely couple, Jenny and Willie.
This is ROM. More on western style. I like it so much. Simple and nice.
I think this ROM ceremony should practice for all people now.
The ceremony held in the morning session. Nice whether.
It's totally different feel if compare wedding ceremony at the night.
I can draw people with enough brightness. Haha...

As usual, people really don't have any idea about what is caricature.
After one by one been drawn, they realize one thing, cute and fun.
Yeah, caricature is one the entertain in wedding. Just you don't really know in Malaysia.
Something is valuable. Priceless. Something you should own in your life.
The wonderful moment you never have during in the wedding.
After a decade, emcee, photography and live band. Is time you have to try something different.
Is time you should try something new in your wedding. Something different. Unforgotten.
Try view my recent wedding job in Klang Premiere Hotel.
Past wedding in Puchong.
And outstation wedding, Johor.

从开始一心把Wedding Caricature推广起来,慢慢地已开始被受注目、已开始多人询问。

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