Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 Review

When I writing this post. Full emotion of mine.
What a year I had go through. Everything start from 0. Too much spending. Struggle almost a year. Then only see some light on head. I believe I'm only One Chinese Caricaturist still hold until now so far. No doubt, lot Malay Caricaturist doing this. But why Malaysia until now, no many popular caricaturist pop out? This is serious problem. Racial issues. Art College Malaysia didn't teach caricature as main subject. Art culture Malaysia slow. People/ Organizer/ Hotels/ Shopping Complex management always ask for cheaper rate. That's why!

Triton, Caricature Artist Malaysia. Is leading a head and building the level caricatures here. Live caricatures almost same like live band, singer, magician and others talented artist. I entertain guests with my caricatures drawing skills and more important communication with guests. More valuable is my signature on each of yours caricature drawing. As an independent artist, we don't get paid vacation, we don't get paid sick days, we don't get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Chinese New Years. We don't have insurance plans or retirement plans. We sacrifice our family on special days and work weekends and evenings to do work that brings happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are not excuses for bad performance. I haven't seen any One big company One big financial company really do support local artist so far.

This was how I begin. Rent a booth in Mines Book Fair drawing caricatures. A lot of people didn't about what is Caricatures. Curious. Weird. Lot expression came out.

Joining few art market. So far Etsy market at Jaya One is the best.

Not many artist student/ full time artist, doing such of sketching day. I started sketching outdoor when I found out a lot of artist in overseas, they do this frequently. They inspired me. So now what I do, sketching.

Take part in Bridal Expo/ Bridal Fair. A lot of expenses have to spent. For an artist, really not easy. Some more, lot of organizer they don't care who you are. They just care one thing, "money" for rent booth. Same case happen to online advertising Wedding Malaysia. They don't care you are independent artist or talented artist, they do care "money" for advertise. One of the reason, why Malaysia not many popular caricature artist.

My career became smooth after 6 months battle. My live caricatures been used for corporate annual dinner, wedding dinner, birthday party, private event, product launching event, appreciation night and so on. I believe I been giving them another point of view to know an truly caricature artist how I work. My drawing skill become better and better nowadays through experience I gain. Thanks for yours booking me and giving me such opportunity. Thanks for sweetie support all the time. Thanks get to know some good friends. Thanks get to know some Overseas Great Caricature Artist Master. I hoping can get find some sponsor me in digital live caricatures equipment and also International Society of Caricature Artist. Then I will bring more high level of caricatures to Malaysia.


  1. Great post Triton. Keep up the struggle! It is not easy, but you are doing a good thing.


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