Saturday, August 17, 2019

When There Is No Triton Lim Exist

【 What happened if there is no more Triton Lim 】

Why I started off with caricature in Malaysia few years back ago?
To fight to get Number 1? No
To fight to top of Number 1? No
To get people following me? No
To get people notification? No
To share whatever I love & try making living with that. YES

This been a while I stay away with what ever caricature activity. I start figure out, why/what happen if no Triton Lim exist for caricature drawing. The answer is, no one care about this. No one care about who the hell the Triton Lim was. No one care how does this effect to the market.

Starting up with website/blog, is to share whatever I love, and then try make a living with that. When competitor become aggressive with showing off to be "Number One" or "The Top One". Things changes. People mind set easily get distract. With whatever good visual look, good comment, good review, whatever it's all going to be bling your eyes from the 50/50 truth.

Technology keep fast changing. But human mind set not there yet.

【👹 失落时认清自己 x who you are 👹 】



~~ 一段时期,失落级。跑出去。跑出去透透气。我开启似颜绘,开创路线高高低低。深思一番,原来我极度不喜欢上班里的很虚伪的职员。很假很假。才某个机缘下对似颜绘产生谋生念头。从生疏的技巧到熟练的技巧。都好几年了。发觉人们依然跑不开对似颜绘和肖像画的分别。原因来自顾客群的“懒”。再怎么把我网络资讯写得清楚,顾客一样“懒”得去看。 ~~


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