Sunday, March 3, 2019

Gift Caricature For Family Penang, Drawn By Triton Lim

Courier Packaging

Courier part is the most headache. Weight, height & size determine how much it will cost. And there are NO ready make packaging box for this. You got to make it by custom. Buy the big corrugated board and cut it to according size. Bubble wrap, poly form, tape, hand writing address and hand over to courier services shop near by.

Caricature For Family - Penang

After done drawing part and printing part. Sent out for framing. After that start packaging. Step by step work. Anyway, hope the piece artwork here safe delivery to the client.


一份用心,一份心意,祝收邮者高高兴兴。随着科技发达,我们也得善用网络寻找知讯。不要像我上次无端端被 Google recommended 得很棒的店,给delete了我的data。

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