Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is ISCA minicon Singapore

The video above basically can show you what is ISCA convention about.

What is ISCA?

International Society of Caricaturist Artists is an international non-profit trade association. Its purpose is to promote the art of caricature, educate the public and the media about the art of caricature and to provide its members with helpful information about caricature as an as art-form as well as a profession. ISCA annual convention is held each year in a different location. The convention features a guest speaker, lectures, seminars, competitions, awards and the camaraderie of your peers in the art of caricature drawing.

What is ISCA Minicon?

ISCA minicon basically only for small group of caricature artist joining. Caricature artist from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia and etc. Around 50 people. So this year, ISCA’s mini-con 2015 held in Singapore! First time an ISCA convention held in South East Asia. Talent caricaturists from around the world. To connect caricature professionals and enthusiasts to better the art of caricature. The convention took 4-days event of competition drawing and seminars by great caricature artists.

Below are the photo in the ISCA minicon Singapore.

I'm been waiting this change since half year ago. Travel and accommodation fees acceptable. So this is my first time to get experience with what is ISCA all about. For me is a totally new adventures. From the registration ISCA minicon Singapore, hotel booking, flight booking, payment online transaction and etc. All new for me. Meet up with new caricature artist from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, USA, and others cool caricaturist.

Different culture of countries have different caricature drawing style. They are more and more professional in this minicon Singapore. Really open my eyes. Widen my experience. Enhance my knowledge in caricature. I can see back then what Malaysia had missed out.

Thank you Kamal, Ruoshi, all committee & all caricaturist. This is great experience for me in these 4 days here.

i) 永远不要对人起恨。
ii) 永远不要推开/抛开人后头不理。

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