Monday, March 9, 2015

Gift Caricature for Royal Canin Malaysia

Thank you Royal Canin Malaysia having me for this super task. Where my caricature artwork will courier do overseas at the end. For theirs company celebration. Each VIP staff will award presented with my gift caricature.

Appreciate those who loving my artwork. Most of my client, we never met before. What make them believe me. Because of your choice. Make me proud of it. Give me a chance doing much more better in my caricature career.
Those 7 people in the caricature, all come from different country background. Korean, Frances, Hong Kong, Italy... Great combination of artwork. Different country people different faces figure. If a company/a person, they really mean look for you. They never try to play you around with price. Or photo given for draw. I must say thank you those can follow my requirement here. Thank you so much.

路,没有十全十美的给你走下去;总是会有点小波折,就把它当着练习。记住,要是坏蛋出现,你更要坚强。网络搜查Caricature Artist Malaysia,你定会找到你要的。

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