Sunday, March 29, 2015

Digital Pen or Brush Pen

Digital Pen give you high tech drawing integration with app, but with non touching pressure feeling on hand.

Cool on surface paper. Heat generate on tablet screen. High tech. Time for adapt. Nothing perfect. Live digital caricature in Malaysia, culture is slow. People knowledge to live digital caricature low. Client/Event agent, no willing to pay well. Most of the client/Event PR Malaysia, choose cheaper & not PRO caricaturist, to markup margin. To keep earning more in theirs pocket. But in Singapore, totally different.

不得不承认,本土大马caricature差极很。一、艺术文化差异。二、顾客/Event PR,宁愿找便宜不专的caricaturist,提高margin,赚取更多利润。这是非常可悲的。长期下去,大马caricature还是几十年前的老样子。

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