Thursday, February 26, 2015

2014 Review

My super late review of 2014.
Thanks to those who giving me an opportunity to co-operate with you in 2014. Refresh back 2013, kind a unforgettable journey.

What Do I Archive For My Career in 2014:
1) Skin painting, I fight hard to bring in these type of pen, so that can use on skin. For a year I fight. Unfortunately, businessman always care for profit first. Rather how to grow up the culture in Malaysia. If we don't change this ecosystem, ours market will remain old old old time. Believe me.

2) Live Paint Perform, my 1st ever in live paint in front of crowd. Not big canvas. But still big for me. Kind a great exposure to paint live in crowd.

3) Workshop in University, my 1st time ever give talk and mini workshop to TARC University. Thanks S.

4) Charity in helping SJK(C) Chung Hua, Klang. Nevertheless hand drawing have a limitation to contribute such a big amount to help school building project. At least small contribution to help. Same time help to exposure people about caricature.

5) Custom Gift Caricature Drawing, a lot of well-known company looking me for theirs gift caricature present. Some order for Japan, some for Philippine. some for France, some for Korean, some for Sibu. And some for others places... Thanks to everyone who loving my work here.

What Do I Archive For My Personal Life in 2014:
1) Great friend I met until now, the GOOD SOUL they have.

2) Great experience how to know yourself better.

3) Great financial changing to do multiple tasks.

4) Great to know how to control emotion.

What Issue Do I Face in 2014:
1) Small man, unhappy moment I experience. When some people get wrong, they always no admit. Criticize people always. Use rich background to take care of you. These person still out there, living happy life like doing nothing wrong. Can you imagine how these people living??

2) Trust to untrusted, when someone said 100% fully understand what is caricature, at the end, they will turn out say this is not caricature. Unhappy moment I have to encounter. The final stage I can see what people is. The situation almost like, when job done for my big big boss, I will teach you. Sound like that.

3) Thief, 2013 happened a thief try to use my photo, my price chart, for his own good. This round happen when some one find out what I post in FB and blogspot here, they saw what I try to seek from local artist pen company, they step a head of me, and buy the stock and make money first. While I struggle searching help from local artist to approach local pen company to bring in. Some did a snap. What a shame. Both case, are Malaysian, this is truly shame.

Expectation in 2015:
Live Digital Caricatures, the most expensive, the most sensitive, the most uncontrollable device. Yes, Malaysia do not have any truly live digital caricatures yet, due to hardware software involve big money.


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