Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pentel Brush

Why in Japan you can find anything art stationary you want? Even Singapore art shop is fully complete items there. But in Malaysia...feel totally shame & upset sometime. Beside Pentel, Pilot Brush Pen is available order here.

These Pentel Brush pen, is good. Soft. No smell. Ink dark. For professional uses. These Pentel Brush pen hardly found in Malaysia. It kind a weird right. Why such a good nib brush pen, they don't want to bring in for the market. Yes, we can buy online. But somehow some online order not available to delivery to Malaysia.

Somehow I asking help from certain NGO art society. Same feedback from them. No market no demand. I said how you know? Are you 100% sure? I feel shame, they also feel don't really want to help. How Malaysia art culture can be strong enough?



  1. Hi there!!

    I've been searching for these pens as well, although for lettering/scripting purposes. Buying from amazon would be rm30 without shipping *feels like crying* :( Now i feel like contacting Pentel HQ as well...

    1. Thank you Iris. I replied your message in your mailbox. Keep following on my social website, you will get the answer soon.


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