Saturday, July 19, 2014

Marmalade Cafe Bangsar Village, Live Caricature Birthday

Thanks Chieng looking me back for your party event. Unbelievable, the last time we met was in 2012.

Thanks Chieng. Wish your kids happy birthday too.
It's happened on happy Saturday morning in Cafe Bangsar Village. Just celebrate kid's birthday. Friends, relatives come for celebration.

The parents love the caricature I drew for them. Just keep laughing at the back after done. I just can't control. Me also want to laugh. Yeah, this is the moment when the photo shooting can't give you. The happy moment in your life.
Everyone get one piece. All hand drawing by Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim. Get more via Google, just key in "Caricature Artist Malaysia" will do. Remember different caricaturist, different style. Same thing you went to the hair stylish shop. Winnie Loo, A Cut Above Salon different with the Miko hair studio. You can't blame if you don't get the meaning of "Caricature".

At the end, everyone happy. Kids, oldest happy. Warm blessing to the them. Thanks having me in your kid's birthday party.


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