Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gift for Chevron Malaysia

Thanks Chevron Malaysia having me for theirs STAFF gift caricature.
Sapura, Shell, SGS...all those petrol industry related. Can't imagine these all big corporate company. Huge building here Menara Millenium. Thanks again for those corporate company who admire, compliment and like my artwork so much.

Like usual, few angle of faces needed to produce a good well caricature drawing. Do not expect I could recognize one person face 100%. This is caricature. Not portrait. Water coloring caricature.

This is hand painted gift caricature. Only one copy in the world. One original. Priceless. Unique. Gift for a Chevron member who had been serve more than 20 years in that industry line. Amazing. I can't believe it at all. 20 years. They wanted bigger mat board space in that frame for signature purpose. Cool for memorial purpose for every staff around that department. Good.


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