Sunday, April 27, 2014

Accept & Admit Who You Are

Recall the first time I started up my career Live Caricatures.
Photo below is recent photo I shoot and put it into frame. Photo with Freda. Holding the gift I presented to her. Only one copy of original art work deliver to Freda. What a memorable.

Photo below is from few decade ago already. Everything still raw. Skill not mature yet. And so on. But one thing is, you got to accept who you are. You got to admit who you are, what you drew for these people. You got to practice and learn all the way. No full stop. Only this way, you can become strong and profession. Only this way, you can become well know famous caricature artist Malaysia. Except you don't want to achieve the dream you set at the early time. Then got nothing to say.

First time started up my career in Mines Book Fair. You can look at the caricature I drew. Haven't achieve profession level yet. But don't give up. Practice. Learn. You will get better. Just want to told you, perfect come from practice non stop. Accept who you are. Admit what you drew at the past. And get it fix. Make it perfect.


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