Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sulwhasoo Celebrities Canvas Bag

Drawing canvas bag for some of the local celebrities.
All request from Sulwhasoo Malaysia.
Because of this Sulwhasoo Counter opening in One Utama.
May be some surprise for some local celebrities.
Thanks to someone who been helping me a lot.

2 of them got post it on theirs own FB. Megan Tan and Daphne Iking.
The others not sure whether they got it or not. No clue.
Anyway, hope that they are accept it safely. Sulwhasoo product as well.

Below the photo is from Daphne and Megan.
They post it on their own FB page.

During drawing celebrities. All photo reference from theirs FB.
You know, I really don't like drawing based on FB photo. It's too small. And not clear.
I insist. If anything happen to those caricature faces. Don't look like. Don't like it.
Don't blamed me. Because my record so far so good.
All my client required clear photo by me.

Some how some people they don't understand and don't want understand caricature.
What it is all about...caricature.
Pretty must in pretty exact look like...
Haiz...then this shall call the others word.

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