Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shop Studio

Showing my shop studio from beginning until the end.
Current moved back to my house studio.
Rental, electric bill, car park, all need money to make bills.
Cut down the expenses, and move back to house studio.
Like how I begin my career in the early day.

I been DIY renovate or relocate my shop studio twice.
First, too white too empty feel.
I turn into blue. And then too dark. But feel comfortable.

If next time having shop again, I like to choose the shop on the ground floor.
Which having big glasses facing to public. Choosing location also important.
If the area not many artistic shop. There would not many people coming dropping your shop.

I painted it back to white. Keep it clean and back to original. Return back to Tenant.
It's experience for me go through all this. Felt sad. Disappointed.
But I wouldn't give up.


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