Thursday, November 1, 2012

Live Caricatures MotoGP Sepang Circuit

Live caricature in Boon Siew Honda booth, at MotoGP Sepang Circuit.
First time Boon Siew Honda having this live caricature in theirs booth.
Thanks Boon Siew Honda and thanks to Pico who booking me for these event here.
A lot of people are very crazy about motoGP. Crowd. Noisy with moto racing sound.
Hot shinny day. Hot sexy motoGP girls walking around. Photo shooting anyway.

The day are hot. Me sweating. Big fan blow my hair from behind. So cap needed.
The floor in the booth are shaking. Me have to draw very carefully.
When came to raining hour, more people stand inside the booth to take cover.
Some even walk in the rain to check in MotoGP. Without umbrella. Can you imagine?

When come to free, all people want caricature drawing.
Sometimes the situation are scaring. Uncontrol one.
这算是个户外live caricature,蛮热的。MotoGP场面,人挤人。简直疯狂啊!
可以想象她们MotoGP girl在炎热的天气下工作,面对多个摄影镜头,不简单。

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