Monday, July 11, 2011

Gift caricature for Freda Liu, BFM 89.9

Thanks BFM for interview & recording me. Thanks Freda, Katja and Angelene.
You can view my others BFM interview post here. And the latest post, "Accept & Admit who you are" here. Photos below showing how I draw gift caricature for a person. I need various faces with different angle. Even whole body if draw for full body. So I can study enough about a person face and body too. To get the perfect caricature.

Start sketching Freda face. After satisfy with the one I choose. I picked that one to represented Freda face. Water coloring caricature begin.

Finish with framing together. As you can see, there is a little humor there. Microphone is talking with Freda. If you can spot.

Dang...dang...dang...A nice gift caricature by Triton, present to Freda. 12 hours job. This gift is priceless. Through the BFM interview, hope the awareness of the caricature Malaysia here would be increase a little bit. Try view the latest post I write about "Accept & Admit Who You are". Post you should view to know who you are.

"Triton was really sweet and presented a caricature of myself. It is now sitting in my home and office. I would definitely recommend him to my event organizing friends."

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