Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Subang Parade Bazaar

Try...try...try...in Subang

I'm the early person who came 2 the Subang, full of empty.
Then, started set up my things.

I'm happy with this time set up. Look nice.

Live draw for this BB, around 10 min, done.

Nancie, FB friend, who dropped by say hi. Sweet family.
Feel great she drop by.
Plus, me will teaching art class and caricature starting Apr in Puchong Puteri, if run smoothly.

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  1. dudeee, u r so talented esp the sculpture one.

    wow u r teaching art class? do u teach how to manga? hehe. i want to learn how to do draw cartoon using the right pen/pencil. =)

    would u plz reply me at aisya_wars@yahoo.com , details of ur package offer? tq!


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