Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Live Caricature for Kronenbourg 1664

Thank you Kronenbourg 1664. Thank you having me for live caricatures in your event at Nexus Bangsar South.

Why caricatures such important in certain event? Because it definitely give you a entertain level effect. Western people love to have caricatures. Open minded people love to have caricatures. People who understand caricature love to have own a caricature drawing.
For few years experience, no matter what type of event, if drop at night or hotel venue, the lighting always no enough. This make me headache and a bit trouble when started drawing caricature. Yes, soon this problem will solve. Due somehow some events more privacy, so no much photo can share in here. Hope you guys understand.

每回给人问到,怎么华人caricature artist不多呢。哈哈哈,我难以回答,我要做的已经做了。团结能干更多大事、更远更广阔的天空。但看来华人就有这样的毛病吧,各做个的。哈哈,实在无法能了解。可能“一山不能藏二虎”是有着这样背后的含义吧。

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