Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Gift Caricature for Melaka couple

Special wedding gift from Mr. Kevin to his lovely couple friend. Thanks for you all.
It was great. My caricature been travel to another state in Malaysia, Melaka.
You can see picture below, how I work with those picture I required from you.
I always told client, show me more picture so I can recognize one person. It's help me a lot.

Each wedding gift, is different dress for bride and groom. I love it so much.
All dress design base on new cutting and model. Some add in my imagination.
This is unique and special. Not even you can wear during real wedding. Haha...

Artwork frame with nature pine wood, perfect. It's nature feeling you get.
I like it so much too. Wish the couple who received it well. Love it so much. And hang on the wall.
This is a special wonderful memorial gift. Especially gift for wedding couple. Once in a time.
Different caricaturist different drawing style. Choose wisely. Advise for public.


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