Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Live Caricatures Kid's e World at The Gardens Mid Valley

Thx Kid's e World. Live caricatures at Gardens, Mid Valley.
Some of the kid are from oversea. Theirs family love it so much about caricatures.
You can visit Kid's e World FB page to find out more.

Hope one day all Malaysia shopping mall will accept my proposal to doing this kind of caricature, like the picture below. Which happen in Japan shopping mall.
No one shopping mall willing to do that so far I had been try.

The level of caricature in Japan is very high. Even people show respect there.
And we know, there is a big gap of art's culture Malaysia with overseas.
Hope one day Malaysia will be different.


  1. 思维和接受水平的差异,有时确实让人有点失望....Hope it will be changed one day....

  2. The perception will change. Just the matter of time.

  3. there is one caricature stall like that at sunway giza.


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